Captavate Reflection Version 1.5 for Windows is available under a variety of licenses:

  • $3 for one individual on up to 3 computers.
  • $7 for the home (up to 7 family members on up to 9 computers).
  • $9 for small non-profits, religious groups, churches (up to 15 users).
  • $19 for academia (2 professors/teachers + up to 25 students).
  • $149 for corporations and institutions (license accommodates up to 150 users)

Please email me (see link at bottom of page) for a free license key.
Captavate Reflection is now free for individuals. The next version is being renamed "Iron Mansion".
If you wish to request a free license of Captavate Reflection, just ask. Prices above are still in effect if you desire more than just an individual license.

Please note that while Reflection and Iron Mansion share many of the same features, the databases between these products is different (it will not be possible to migrate data from Reflection to Iron Mansion). The advantage of waiting for Iron Mansion is that data is more easily shared between different computers and other devices.