Captavate Reflection
  • Great spontaneous thoughts occur at any time
  • Most of life is lived untethered from the PC
  • Most documents are authored on a PC using Microsoft Office

What's wrong with this picture?
  • When I'm at my PC, I don't recall my best ideas
  • In other words, my best thinking is not at my desk

A great author coins more than sound-bites; we utilize:
  • topics & sub-topics
  • transitions
  • keywords
  • analogies
  • allegory
  • cited references & quotes

Captavate Reflection provides “Thought Processing”
  • Have a great idea? … Capture it!
  • Need a presentation or document? … Generate it!

Captavate Reflection is being renamed "Iron Mansion".
Check the Iron Mansion web site for information on the next release:
Iron Mansion Fe 2.0